Lynton & Lynmouth cliff railway

Visit Lynton, and, if you wish, take the famous cliff railway to Lynmouth and back. It is the only fully water-powered railway in the UK. Be sure to have a browse at Lyn Valley Arts & Crafts, and learn more about life on Exmoor at the Lyn & Exmoor Museum.

Lynton & Lynmouth were popular with the Romantic Poets. Robert Southey gave the area it’s nickname: “Little Switzerland.”

“From the Summerhouse Hill between the two is a prospect most magnificent – on either hand, combes and river; before, the beautiful little village, which, I am assured by one who is familiar with Switzerland, resembles a Swiss village”  –Robert Southey, 1799.

In 1812, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley eloped to Lynmouth with his teenage wife, Harriet. Here, he wrote part of his poem “Queen Mab“. Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth both composed works inspired by their visit to the nearby ‘Valley of Stones’.

Come to Lynton with Grey Cars, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to write some poetry too!